Successful videotaping of Estoril BMW Driving Experience participants.

MTS has been at the BMW Driving Experience in Estoril. The event featured the Motortube service, a private platform for broadcasting driving experiences on video. Motortube consists of filming each driver with a subjective shot, while simultaneously filming their reactions along the entire route. A few days later, the participant receives a secret code with which they can access an online platform. From there, the video can be viewed and shared with anyone they want through email or social networks.

MTS provided the cameras that filmed the images for the BMW Driving Experience. We used the VBox video system, which films the vehicle with two cameras placed in different parts of the car. The VBox system automatically reproduces images along the circuit, providing information such as speed, lateral and transversal gravitational force, position on the circuit, lap time and best lap.

The Motortube platform can be 100% personalised, thereby adapting to the client’s marketing needs. Personalisation is achieved with backgrounds, font, information, banners, etc. Advertising can even be added before each video in pre-roll format. This is a completely direct and personal system, so the brand can address the client, greet them and offer them special content.

At Estoril, we filmed 1,000 participants over the course of 4 days. The success of the webpage from which the videos could be downloaded is indisputable, given that an avalanche of visits was recorded, both from participants and their friends as they accessed the website to view and download the videos.